Wesley: Fidelis #342

Institution Date: August 25, 1918

Regent: Janice Richter
Vice Regent: Susan Golwitzer
Recording Secretary: Deb Studer
Financial Secretary: Lisa Forburger
Treasurer: Alison Rosenmeyer

Court Mailing Address: PO Box191, Wesley IA 50483
Regent Email: richterjanice@live.com
District Deputy:  Hazel Wagner  hazywagner@yahoo.com

Regent Janice Richter at the City 150th Celebration Parade

Regent Janice Richter and Sue Golwitzer at the city 150th Celebration Parade. (Wesley)  promoting CDA, and our Pie Sales (which we have made together with our court around 250 homemade pies) for a fundraiser when RAGBRI comes through Wesley the end of July. We also followed our Church Float which one of our members made small decade Rosaries for and were handed out to people along the way, together we handed out over 150 Rosaries!

2nd place Education Contest Winner Anne Marrin