Questions and Answers
about Catholic Daughters


What are our National dues used for?

The National dues are the foundation of the National office. The dues assist the National office in paying their financial obligations and giving to many needy charities.

When are National dues to be paid?

Dues are billed May 15th and November 15th and are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice.

What happens if National dues are not paid on time?

If dues have not been received within 60 days of the bill, the National office will notify the State Regent and the National Representative that the specific court’s dues have not been paid.
The State Regent will notify the local court and the District Deputy within 15 days of the National notification.
The District Deputy will verify within 30 days with the local court and the State Regent that the dues have been paid.
If dues have not been submitted by then, the District Deputy and the State Regent will consult with the local court Regent to verify the status of the dues payment and determine the course of action that might be needed to ensure that the dues are paid.



Are Fall Workshops for court officers only?

No….ALL members are encouraged to attend workshops to learn the latest in Catholic Daughter policies and procedures to help ensure that your court is running smoothly. It is one way to help communicate with each other and share ideas.



Who are the checks made out to for State businesses such as dues, Past Regents Club, Fall Food Event, and Lifesaver Campaign?

Iowa Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Do District Deputies have to be at both financial reviews for the courts they oversee? Do they have to sign the review?

No, District Deputies need to be at one of the two reviews done each year and if they are not present at the review, the District Deputy does NOT sign the form. No one else is to sign the District Deputy’s name except her.

Does the Financial Review report ask for the number of members in the court?

Yes, and it is missed on the report many times. Please look closely to find the appropriate blank and if you are in question, ask your District Deputy or call a State Officer. We are only a phone call or email away.

How many copies of the financial review form are necessary?

Five: National Office, Current State Regent (Karen Kasparbauer), Current State Secretary (Suzanne Torrey), your district deputy, your court copy to file.



Where do you send the names of all additions and deletions of your court members?

To 2nd Vice State Regent Kaye Stock Arndorfer (916 W 19th St, Carroll, IA 51401) and to the National Office (10 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023)



Is it necessary to have “Tools of the Trade” book for each court or for each officer in the court?

It would be nice so all the officers have the knowledge of how items are handled in Catholic Daughters; however, it does not say in the Bylaws or Tools of the Trade that all are required to have one. NOTE: The National Office currently has an online version of the “Tools of the Trade” on their website.