Newsletter / Website Contests

  • Why have a Court Newsletter?

    • They are a wonderful tool to educate new members (or even old-timers) all about Catholic Daughters.
    • They help members to understand how they are part of our national & state levels of the order.
    • They communicate to the members of your court current activities, upcoming events, and special projects the court may be planning.
    • They are of special interest to those members that are unable to attend meetings due to illness, being homebound or because of work, school, or family responsibilities
    • Leaving copies of your newsletters in the church or distributing them to women of the parish can go a long way to pique interest and bring in new members!

    An EFFECTIVE newsletter will:
    *Inform *Motivate *Inspire
  • Website Development

    Court websites are excellent tools of evangelization as well as informational sites for officers, members and other interested visitors.

    Setting up a court website is not difficult. We can provide some procedures and policies for you to follow so that your sites are accurate, informational and pleasant to visit.

    For more assistance, please contact our webmaster Chris Peiffer at [email protected]

    Website Policy

    Once you have established your court site, don't be shy about promoting it in the National Website contest.

    Website Contest Forms