• What do the Catholic Daughters do?
    Answer the Lord’s call with faith, generosity, and love by joining the Catholic Daughters of the Americas!
    Catholic Daughters engage in an expansive array of activities in pursuit of our mission including support of and involvement in:

    • Enhancement of Spiritual Life
    • The Holy Father, Bishops and Clergy
    • Evangelization
    • Mission activities
    • Catholic Relief Services
    • Habitat for Humanity
    • Vocations to the religious life
    • Mother Teresa
    • Right to life
    • Adopt-a-Child program
    • Battered spouses and child abuse
    • Prevention of teen pregnancy and suicide
    • Scholarships and educational contests
    • Drug and alcohol abuse prevention
    • Civic Programs
    • Morality in Media
    • Elderly
    • Prison Apostolate
    • Aid to flood and disaster victims
    • Apostolate of the Sea
    • HIV/AIDS prevention
    • Rural life
    • Patriotism
    • Veterans’ support