Life Saver Project

Our state has decided to address the crime of domestic violence by financially supporting shelters and organizations that assist the victims of domestic violence.

Each April our local courts are asked to hold a Life Saver drive for this cause.

Courts may choose to ask for a second collection at Mass, hold an event, ask a local retailer for permission to request donations outside the store, etc.

60% of the collection is then donated to a local DV shelter. You may want to ask the local paper to print a picture of you presenting the check to the organization.

40% is sent to the state court for disbursement to the courts’ respective dioceses with instruction for the donation to assist domestic violence victims within their diocese.

THANK YOU to all of our courts that make the Lifesaver Campaign successful. You are to be commended on your tremendous efforts through the years. Many men, women and children who suffer from physical, mental or verbal abuse benefit from your generous donations.

Mail your checks(checks must have two signatures) by May 15 (with a notation that it is for the Life Saver project) to the state Life Saver chair:

Brenda Vore
701 Logan St
Sioux City IA 51105
(712) 251-9783

2019 Lifesaver Totals