Iowa National Regents Day

  • Honoring Our Own:

    Anna Baxter 

       Anna Baxter was the first National Regent from the State of Iowa, we honor her and her work with Catholic Daughters of the Americas. Anna served as National Regent from 1968 until her death in 1970. She was instrumental in the Institution of several Courts in Wisconsin and Iowa.
       Anna was one of the “Decade of B’s: Buckley, Ballard and Baxter” as highlighted in the book published by the Catholic Daughters of the Americas in 2003, “The Catholic Daughters of the Americas, A Century in Review”. Recommended reading for those who are interested in the history of theCatholic Daughters. This book is available to purchase through your court at the National CDA Store.
       Anna (Boyle) Baxter had seven younger siblings and grew up in Darlington, WI. She married Frank Baxter in 1913 after completing college at the University of Wisconsin, teaching English at a high school and becoming an assistant Principal.  They moved to Iowa so that their three high school aged children would attend a Catholic High School in Dubuque. Anna was a member of Catholic Daughters in Wisconsin and worked to set up the Wisconsin Catholic Daughter State Court in 1923. She was Wisconsin’s first State Regent.
       While in Wisconsin she was nominated in 1925 as a national director and continued as director when she moved to Iowa. She later became a State Regent in Iowa.
       For 45 years Anna was active on the National level sharing her talents and treasures. Baxter developed the "Sevenfold Program of Involvement" which we today call our "Circle of Love" program . She was a real "go getter" in all her endeavors.  Anna  started 29 courts in Iowa alone and many in Wisconsin.

  • Sherry Nilles

    National Regent 2020-2022 

       Education: Sherry went to St. Joseph's Grade School, Ashton, IA followed by a move to Minnesota and attendance at a country school(!). She moved back to Iowa to
    complete her education at Sheldon High School and State College of Iowa.
       Career:  She worked as a substitute teacher, bookeeper,& chairside Assistant in local clinic. Became Development Director for Spalding Catholic Schools for 20 years. Volunteered at the local Catholic School.
       Family: I have been married to Leon for 50 years. We have six children, all married and 20 grandchildren.
       Catholic Daughters:  Joined Court Our Lady of Perpetual Help #1057 in Ashton, Iowa in 1976. Over the years she held almost every local officer position and served as chairperson for multiple committees.
    She went on to become an Iowa State CDA officer serving as both Vice Regent and Regent and as many Circle of Life Committe chairs.
       As National Director, she filled many leadership positions:  National Chair of Grant Writing, Chair of 1903 Society, Campus Courts Committee,National Convention Chairman (2016), Budget and Finances Chairman, and several more. She was also an national workshop presenter on finance and budget.
    She held the positions of National Director, Second Vice National Regent, National Secretary Treasurer and First Vice National Regent.
        She worked on Habitat for Humanity homes in Iowa, Louisiana, Texas &California.
     And was proud to represented CDA at the Pontifical Institute of America, the Catholic University of America, March for Life in Washington DC (8 years), National Convocation of Catholic Leaders in Dallas, TX, and the Catholic Mobilizing &Social Ministry Gathering in Washington, DC
       Iowa Catholic Daughters of the Americas have an exciting legacy of leadership and look forward to the new leaders in the future.