Fall Workshops

  • Enjoy these scenes from this year's workshops:

  • Every year the State Board facilitates a workshop in each of the four dioceses.  The events are designed to educate, inform and give members an opportunity to meet their state officers.

    Locations are announced well in advance. Registration  and fee information is sent to the local court regents prior the meetings and posted on this website.

    Typical Court Meeting
    CDA National and State Projects/Charities
    CDA National and State contests and scholarships
    Circle of Love program
    CDA Ceremonies
    Sharing activities before/after Local court meetings and more!

    Workshops are open to all members, guaranteed to be informative, faith-filled and fun! All Iowa CDA members are invited to attend. We strongly encourage all courts to have a representative in attendance at one of the annual workshops.

    Thank you so much for your extra efforts to make these events a success!