Contact Us

  • Msgr. Edward Girres
    State Chaplain
    (515) 570-1689
    [email protected]

    Rita A. Carlson
    State Regent

    (515) 571-4268
    [email protected]

    Suzanne Torrey
    First Vice State Regent

    VOICE submissions
    Newsletter Contest entries
    (712) 229-5159
    [email protected]

    Brenda Vore
    Second Vice State Regent

    Receives reports/membership changes
    Lifesaver chair
    (712) 251-9783
    [email protected]

    Julie Marlow
    State Secretary

    Receives all checks
    (515) 418-2339
    [email protected]

    Deborah Stegar
    State Treasurer

    (563) 663-7733
    [email protected]

    Karen Kasparbauer
    Immediate Past State Regent

    (712) 653-3634
    [email protected]

    Chris Peiffer

    Submit questions/articles/photos for the state website
    Please put CDA in the subject line
    [email protected]