Cherokee: Dolores #458

Institution Date: April 11, 1920

Regent: Suzanne Torrey
Vice Regent: Mary Baughman
Recording Secretary: Elaine Stieneke
Financial Secretary: Sue Baker
Treasurer: Michelle Wilson
Chaplain: Fr. Dan Rupp

Court Mailing Address: 6183 Hwy 59, Cherokee IA 51012
Regent Email:
District Deputy: Mary Roethler

Court Dolores #458,\prepare for the Annual Baked Potato Scholarship Fundraiser. It was a record turn-out, dine in and carry out, with beautiful weather and people enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful setting.   Potatoes with a variety of toppings and delicious desserts were served.   Mary Berger, Kathy Hupke, Jolette Honsbruch, and Father Dan Rupp were instrumental in another successful Baked Potato/ Desert Supper.  This is the court’s main fundraiser for the year and all members know what their job will be. Many, many ( the year has been forgotten)  years ago Jolette Honsbruch came up with this idea and CDA members now look forward to working together and doing “their job”.  Father Dan did an exceptional job of providing us with free advertisement and support.  The CDA members’ families, Parish family, community members, neighboring parishes, and many others all join together for this annual event and delicious food.