Budgeting is an important aspect of the local court business. Through this process, a court can project income and expenses that will guide the membership through the CDA year. Budgets prepared by the officers and presented by the treasurer must be voted on and approved by the membership present.


Possible Income Items on Court Budget

  • dues from current membership
  • dues from prospective new membership
  • fund raiser proceeds
  • fall food event proceeds
  • memorials and donations

Possible Expense Items on Court Budget

  • state and national dues
  • state assessments
  • meeting expenses
  • postage and office supplies
  • website fees
  • convention registrations
  • member recruitment and recognition
  • fund raiser expenses
  • charitable donations
  • state projects
  • national projects
  • youth program
  • liability insurance


Budgeting (Right click and Download Spread Sheet)
Ledger Sample (Right click and Download Spread Sheet)