Financial Reviews


The financial reviews for the local courts are done every April and October. All officers are to be present for this review and three members of the court who are appointed by the regent are on this review committee. Upon receipt of the summary report (financial review form) from National, the regent should give the forms to the treasurer so that she can have the information ready for the financial review. The treasurer does not fill out the form. The regent invites the district deputy to the financial review stating time and place. These reviews are due in April for the period of October 1 through March 31 and during the month of October for the period of April 1 through September 30.

Once completed, the original goes to National and a copy of the review form is sent to the state regent, state secretary, your district deputy. Keep one for the court’s file.

Items Necessary to Have at the Review

  • Prayer to start the review
  • Financial Review Form sent from National in the National Quarterly NewsletterCopy of last Financial Review Form (the copy in your files)
  • Envelopes addressed to send copies of completed review
  • Minutes of the meetings for the past six months (prior to the review)
  • Calculator, ruler, red pens

Items Brought by Officers

  • Recording Secretary: minutes of the meetings highlighting the motions that require payments
  • Financial Secretary: list of members’ dues paid during the time covered by current review; membership book
  • Treasurer: checkbook; bank statements (including the one for March or September respectively) reconciled; vouchers or board orders; invoices paid

Financial Review form