Our Mission

“Catholic Daughters of the Americas strives to embrace the principles of faith
working through love in the promotion of justice, equality and the advancement
of human rights and human dignity for all.”


Scenes from the National Officers conference in AZ

Take a look at the state and local winners on the awards page...


Exciting news! Dani Woods member of Court Cedar Rapids, #1768 along with  State Regent Rita Carlson have created a FB page for the Iowa court.  Watch the livestreaming of our speakers from our state convention.  Please join us!


Web Bytes…

Greetings Sisters in Christ!  Welcome to our IA Catholic Daughters of the Americas website.  We pray you enjoy surfing the website for news and information. Check back frequently for news of changes and cancellations. Take a look at the newest Newsletter from the National court containing all of next year’s contest information.

Please send  any pictures or news articles that you would like added to your court’s web page; to: Chris Peiffer; Webmaster – rcpeiffer@cloudburst9.net.  Article format preference is “pdf” and all photos must be a jpeg format limited to 5 MB. Please type “CDA” in the subject line of the email, I will respond as soon as possible so you know that it has been read. Feel free to “snail mail” also.

As Catholic Daughters we support so many worthy charities, let us not overlook those closest to us who would feel joy just by a smile or a greeting.  Let us personify the Catholic Daughter motto “In Unity and Charity”, invite someone to join this wonderful organization of Catholic sisterhood. Stay tuned for more news and updates…happy clicking!


Daily Mass is available online with Bishop Robert Barron HERE.

Our Fall Issue Has Arrived!


New Spring Issue Online!


We are called to Social Justice…Stay on top of current issues here!


Pray For All Catholic Daughters and their families.

Pray for all in Afghanistan: the military and their families, the refugees, the injured, suffering and oppressed.

8/26 Prayers are requested for the families of Nickey and Sarah Michels of Court St. Rita #321 who lost a daughter/granddaughter in a tragic car/train accident. Another family member is still hospitalized.

**Pray  for all military and law enforcement who are fighting on the front line protecting us.

**Pray for all hospital, medical and emergency staff that they remain safe during this critical time.

** Pray for all those suffering during the Covid19 pandemic.

**Pray that all will find shelter from the cold.

**Pray for all those affected by disaster: hurricane, fire, flood.

**Pray for all affected by violence and abuse.

**Pray for all Care Givers that they may find the strength to carry the cross they are given.

We pray to the Lord…Lord hear our prayer.

**Thank you CDA Prayer Warriors!

Webmaster Chris Peiffer  rcpeiffer@cloudburst9.net

State Regent Rita Carlson iowafarmgirl4@hotmail.com


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