Cedar Rapids: Court Cedar Rapids #1768

Institution Date: November 22, 1957

Regent: Erika Brockmeyer
Vice Regent: Susan Frischkorn
Recorcing Secretary: Georgia Stoeber
Financial Secretary: Diane Reyland
Treasurer: Roberta Peters
Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Bob Hurych

Mailing address: 1325 Meadowview Dr #8, Marion, IA 52302
Regent Email: erikaann1798@gmail.com
District Deputy: Delores Loney deloresloney@gmail.com


CDA Sunday, 2016. Pictured from front left to right are Banner Bearers Mary Lou Hess and Betty Bockenstedt. Back row, Claire Ahart ,Recording Secretary; Linda Brandt ,Treasurer; Shirley Bush, Financial Secretary; Susan Frischkorn, Regent; Elaine Boes, Vice-Regent, and Dolores Loney, District Deputy. We attended Mass as a group and Mary Morgan with Judy Hensley handed out phamplets to parishioners.