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First Beatification on US Soil!

On October 4, at the Cathedral-Basilica
of the Sacred Heart in Newark, N.J.,
the first beatification ever held
in the United States will take place,
as Sister Miriam Teresa Demjanovich,
a young Sister of Charity
who died in the Garden State in 1927,
will be formally raised to the altars.

It will be a moment of special joy
for the Church in the United States
when Cardinal Angelo Amato,
the prefect of the Congregation
for the Causes of Saints,
pronounces the formula
never before heard on our shores,
solemnly declaring Sister Miriam Teresa beata.

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Past National Director Vicki Feist
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Remember in Prayer

All our DD's, Regents and any others who are encountering health problems.

Jeanne Sadler, regent of Court #1926 of Cascade, whose husband is facing serious illness.

Louise Vogel of Churdan (our state Community and World Issues chair) whose husband is having serious health issues.

Michelle Mackey, daughter of Marilyn Bose state chair for Right to Life.

Betty Pratt, state secretary, and her family as they mourn the loss of her father, William (Bill) Geppert.

Please keep in your prayers the family of Mary Fettkether (DD) and especially her daughter who is dealing with major health issues.

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